The Europeana Statistics Dashboard

Europeana helps cultural institutions across Europe share their digital collections with a wider audience. We collect data from thousands of institutions from all European countries.

The Europeana Statistics Dashboard provides all our data partners with information about how audiences use the material they find via Europeana Collections. This insight into the ways visitors interact with collections is essential for cultural heritage institutions - both for planning and reporting, and for public accountability - and helps them to make the most of their collaboration with Europeana.

As well as information about Europeana Collections as a whole, each institution, aggregator and country can see how many times their collections have been viewed, where their visitors come from, what their most popular items are, what copyright statuses are in use and much more besides. Use the top navigation to browse different dashboards, or find your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does the Statistics Dashboard show?

Each Dashboard shows a range of different statistics that we think every data partner will be interested in. For example, you can find out how many items are in each collection, how many views they’re receiving and where in the world your top audiences are. There’s also information about your best performing items and the copyright statuses of your collection items.

Q. What do you consider a 'view'?

Every time somebody views a Europeana record this is recorded by Google Analytics. Every unique item counts as one view. All pages that are not a record, such as the Europeana Collections Homepage, are excluded. This differs from the Europeana Annual Report where we count 'sessions'. A session is one user doing multiple actions on Europeana Collections.

Q. What do you consider a 'click-through'

Whether from a search result in Europeana Collections or an item display, every time a visitor clicks the link to the website of the providing institution, thereby leaving Europeana Collections, a click-through is recorded.

Q. How do you get the traffic data for my specific institution/aggregator/country?

We use a combination of the Europeana API and Google Analytics API.

In Europeana, the dataset number is always present in the url of a record - Google Analytics counts how many times this specific url is viewed.

For each Dashboard we query a specific data partner or country name in the Europeana API and look for all associated dataset numbers. These are then combined in a filter and put through Google Analytics.

Q. How often do you update the Dashboard?

On every first day of the month we update all Dashboards. As part of this process we also generate new Dashboards for institutions that recently started sharing data with Europeana.

Q. Can I look at statistics before 2013?

No. Europeana started tracking traffic using Google Analytics at the end of 2012, so we have no information to show before then.

Q. My institution does not have Dashboard. Why is this?

The most common explanation is that your collection is part of one dataset to which multiple institutions contributed. We can only extract statistics for whole datasets - we can’t filter out material from one institution if it’s part of a bigger set. We are looking into a solution for this. In the meantime please get in touch with your aggregator if you want to provide a new dataset containing only your collection.

If you think there is a different reason please get in touch with us directly.

Q I don’t want my dashboard to be public

If you are uncomfortable with statistics about your institution being public we can remove the dashboard for you.

Q. Why are there multiple dashboards for my institution?

This is because your institution has contributed to Europeana multiple times under different names. Some institutions take different routes into Europeana and provide different datasets each time. If the name of the institution is not used consistently, then multiple identifiers are created. A common example is when an institution adds an article to their name, contributing as, for example, ‘The national library of ABC’ and ‘National library of ABC’ on different occasions. Please get in touch with your aggregator if you want to solve this issue.

Q. I can't find my country on the map

There are a few countries sharing data with Europeana that are not on the map of Europe. For a full list of countries that share data with Europeana click here.

Q. Are you going to further develop the dashboard?

Yes. On 6 April 2016, we launched the first public beta version of the dashboard. We are now collecting feedback for the second version. We will look into improving the data and charts, and adding new charts. You can provide your own feedback by getting in touch.

Q. My question is not answered above

Then please get in touch. We expect a fair amount of traffic in the launch phase of the Dashboard so please allow a couple of days for us to get back to you. All questions can be sent to